Mangata Docs

Token Listing

If you are a project team or individual and want to list a token on Mangata X, this article will help you. Please reach out to [email protected] for details.

Parachain tokens

We have testnet parachains deployed on Rococo and Purestake Alphanet.
Token listings are subject to a governance vote once channels are opened.
Bootstrapping your token (e.g. if this is your first listing) is a possibility.
For any parachain team looking to open XCM channels between your chain and Mangata X, let’s get in contact and discuss the details, please Contact the team
We will ask you to fill out this chain & token registration form to get basic information.

Incentivizing a Liquidity Pool

Incentivizing a liquidity pool is subject to governance action. Please reach out via Discord if you are interested to do so.