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How to check your LP token balance

Check your LP tokens balance on Polkadot.js

To perform this step, you will need the token ID for the LP token you want to check. e.g. “MGX-KSM LP” are token ID 5.
To find other LP token Ids, see this guide: How to look up Token IDs. To find your regular token balances, read How to Check your Account Balance.
You can see how many LP tokens you received by calling an extrinsic from
  • Switch to Mangata Parachain from the top left corner.
  • Go to: Developer → Chain State
  • Selected state query: tokens → accounts
  • Select your account in Account Id.
  • u32 : LP token ID → 5
  • Press the little plus button on the top right corner.
  • You will see your LP balance on the bottom.
The number has 18 decimals (subtract the last 6 groups of 3 digits to get full LP tokens) - The example below shows ~11912 LP tokens.