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Mangata will become community-owned within ~2.5 years. We want you to be part of Mangata!

  • Get informed on Mangata: What is Mangata? Also, make sure to read The Mangata Litepaper.

  • Become a Mangata Pioneer We are looking for people who want to build this DEX and community with us. Connect with us and become a better trader on the way.

  • Join our Discord & Telegram. Follow us on Twitter and YouTube.

  • Join the weekly Mangata Monday community call on Discord. Every Monday at 6 pm UTC, we meet in Discord to discuss the latest developments of the ecosystem and invite special guests.

Discord Roles

On Discord, these are the roles that recognize users who are contributing to the community:

  • Moderator - Community Members who are actively helping to keep the channels clean from spam

  • Pioneers - Community Members who actively participate in discussions on a regular basis.

How to get a Discord role

Please do not ask to get a role. Roles are given out based on merit. If the core team has observed that you have been active for some time and helped the community, we will approach you.

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