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Mangata establishes an app-specific chain layered over multiple blockchains, ensuring all tokens retain the original security of their own network. Mangata’s omnichain zk-rollup infrastructure has universal compatibility with all Ethereum Virtual Machines (EVMs).

Mangata offers native cross-chain swaps without resorting to traditional bridges through the power of zero-knowledge proofs and decentralized sequencers. The ZK-rollup will be equipped with escape hatches, which guarantee the withdrawal of user funds.

The blockspace, which is the capacity of a blockchain to finalize and commit operations, is not shared with other apps since Mangata blockchain is reserved to a single application. Being an app-chain by itself, Mangata has the ultimate control, which means the chain is fully customizable for the needs of a settlement infrastructure and provides the possibility of building features like gas-free swaps and MEV minimization.

By combining the benefits of MEV minimization and gas-free swaps with escape hatch safety mechanism, Mangata’s predictable cost infrastructure ensures both security and flexibility. Users can confidently manage and withdraw their funds, relying solely on the underlying base layers like Ethereum itself.

The main security provider of the Mangata omnichain zk-rollup is EigenLayer.

L1-grade Liquidity

Our research team has published an article describing the omnichain zk-rollup, a protocol that ensures that each token stays as secure as transactions on its native ecosystem. It was very important for us to avoid new security assumptions like bridge risks, multi-sigs, MPC, etc.

This means that when you have a trading pair like ETH↔BTC, each token will be as secure as the ecosystem where it originates from. This has not been done before. Liquidity is secured by L1-grade security. We call this L1-grade liquidity.


Eigenlayer is a protocol that helps Ethereum scale by allowing new consensus mechanisms and rollups to be deployed on Ethereum. The protocol is secured by ETH restaking. This introduces features and security properties to Ethereum, such as the data availability layers, rollups, oracles, and the Mangata omnichain zk-rollup. EigenLayer allows Ethereum users to use staked ETH to secure those services.

ZK-rollups by themselves are not powerful enough to ensure the validity of cross-chain swaps. They can only attest to transactions within a single L1, but not transactions between them, such as an ETH↔BTC swap. To realize our vision of building an exchange protocol that allows L1-grade liquidity, we require a trustless source of truth attesting to the honest behavior of the protocol facilitating cross-chain swaps itself. We need Ethereum to vouch for Mangata. Eigenlayer makes it possible.

Mangata on Eigenlayer will make cross-chain atomic swaps as easy as calling a smart contract on Ethereum or any other connected chain.

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