⬇️Deposit Tokens to Mangata X

This guide will show you how to deposit tokens on the Mangata X testnet. This example will use KSM. If you don't have KSM, use one of the bridges or use this guide to deposit KSM from a centralized exchange.

DO NOT USE a Ledger account with Mangata X. Ledger accounts currently do not support multi-chain architectures and can only sign transactions on the network they are bounded. Using a Ledger to deposit KSM will result with your funds locked.

  1. Deposit function allows you to bridge tokens from other parachains to Mangata X.

  1. Click select token to see which tokens are available for deposit to Mangata X.

  1. Select the token you want to deposit to Mangata X. Your balances on other chains can be seen in this section.

  1. Click deposit. After you sign the transaction, your balance should appear in the β€œMy Tokens” section on the left.

If you cannot see your token balances on the UI, please make sure that:

  • The account you are connected to the App is the same account with balance.

  • You have updated the metadata on your wallet.

  • Disabled ad-block, as it is reported to cause errors in some cases.

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