Mangata Docs

How to Check your Account Balance

There are multiple ways to see your MGX balance, this guide explains the current options to check your MGX balances. To find your LP balances, read How to check your LP token balance

Option 1 : Mangata Trading App

Option 2 : Talisman

  • You can check your MGX balance on Talisman App as well as the Talisman browser extension.

Option 3 : Subscan

Option 4 : Nova Wallet

  • If you prefer a mobile wallet, you can check your MGX balance through Nova Wallet app.

Option 5 : Polkadot.js

To query the balance for a token, you need the corresponding token ID: How to look up Token IDs
  • Visit the Polkadot.js Portal
  • Go to Developer → Chain state
  • tokens → accounts
  • Choose your account for AccountId
  • u32 stays = 0 (for MGX)
  • Press the little plus (+) button on the top right
  • You will see your balance at the bottom of the page
Pay attention to decimals! The number is given with 18 digits precision. The example above shows the amount of ~46,000 MGX.