This page describes how to setup an account with SubWallet and get started using Mangata.

  1. Head to the SubWallet website and choose your browser to install the extension.

  1. Install the extension from the official web store of your browser. Only use official links and apps to avoid phishing scams.

  1. Create a new account or import an existing account to the SubWallet extension.

  1. (If you created a new account) Do not forget to save your seed phrase to a secure location. Remember, anyone can access your account with these words, so they should never be shared with someone else.

  1. You will automatically have both Substrate and Ethereum wallets when you create an account with SubWallet.

  1. After setting up your account, you can use it to connect to Mangata X Dapp.

  1. You can connect & disconnect individual accounts within the same wallet.

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