This section answers some of the most frequently asked questions that users of Mangata have. Please make sure to read Mangata Litepaper and the User Guides first.

Balances & Prices

How do I see my token balances?

Where can I see the token prices on Mangata X?

I used all my MGX in a transaction and now I canโ€™t pay the fees to make another transaction. What can I do?


Where to see MGX tokenomics?


My transactions are failing because I don't have MGX. Aren't the swaps gas free?

  • The gas free swap mechanism works only if you make a swap that is in a promoted pool and over than 10 USD threshold. All other swaps temporarily lock 50 MGX on the user balance. To learn more: Gas-free Swaps

Liquidity Provision

How long does it take until my liquidity mining rewards show in the UI?

  • Rewards should show up within 4 hours. To learn more about liquidity mining, please read Liquidity Mining

Adding liquidity fails with โ€œLiquidityCheckpointMathErrorโ€

  • We are aware of an issue where adding liquidity returns the error โ€œLiquidityCheckpointMathErrorโ€. This issue is currently being investigated by our engineering team. A runtime upgrade will solve it. It currently needs to be clarified if it will take a few days or weeks to remedy the issue. If you want to immediately provide additional liquidity, we suggest that you migrate your tokens to a new account to avoid any further troubles, while the root cause is being fixed. If you need help with the process, please reach out via Discord. Contact the team


How can I claim my crowdloan rewards?


How to check Mangata X Roadmap?

Is Mangata X planning to get listed on centralized exchanges?

  • At the moment we do not yet actively seek listing on centralized exchanges. If you are interested to list MGX, please Contact the team

Do you have an Ambassadors Programme?

  • We currently donโ€™t have an Ambassadors Programme. Instead, we emphasize active participation in the community. From there, you will find tasks on how you can participate. Read more at Join the Community

How can I become a collator?

  • Becoming a Mangata collator is a permisionless process. You can find the guide here: Collator Guide

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The team delivered MEV-prevention, Proof-of-Liquidity, Gasless Swaps, Algorithmic Buy & Burn, Time Incentivization, the Bootstrap Module, Permission Pool Creation, the SDK, Liquidity Gauges, and Auto-Compounding. Will you ever stop delivering?

No, we will never stop delivering.

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