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AVS Operator FAQ

AVS Source Code

Guide to setting up

Hardware requirements

  • 1 vCPU
  • 2 GB RAM
  • Fast network connection

Docker versions

  • Latest docker installed

Sourcecode, builds, binaries

  • No binaries build is required to run the AVS, only the docker image specified in setup guide: ‣
  • The source code of AVS is in Rust and the build and releases are publicly available in our repository

How does the AVS work?

AVS is finalizing blocks for the Mangata chain- it re-executes the block and validates storage proofs, results are then submitted on Ethereum

Are operators selected based on TVL?

No, operators are now selected automatically based on the FIFO algorithm.

What is different about your AVS vs Eigen DA?

Eigen DA is another project maintained by Eigen Layer, it’s providing a data availability layer solution, while our AVS is finalizing blocks that happens on the Mangata chain and our decentralized exchange

How to monitor? Any pre-built dashboards?

Are there some firewall ports required?

The operator port is 9010 - this one should be allowed

How is slashing or ejecting of non-performing AVS done?

Slashing is not yet implemented on Eigen Layer and we can only eject idle operators. We will do this in case they don’t meet the required Stake OR if they are idle and not confirming tasks for some specified period. All of these configurations will be publically available in the “SLA” of the Ethereum contract every operator is signing into.

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