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Mangata is an omnichain zk-rollup for L1 grade native liquidity with the vision to make tokens from all ecosystems tradable. Built on Eigenlayer and Starkware technology, it features gas-free swaps, prevents front-running and MEV, increases capital efficiency with the revolutionary proof-of-liquidity consensus, and offers weight voting and permissionless third-party incentives.
How does the omnichain zk-rollup work? Imagine a ZK-rollup that connects all ecosystems and allows you to natively swap tokens with L1-grade security without the need to bridge and wrap assets.
Read more about the architecture in this article.
“DeFi today is very inconvenient and risky, and the crypto industry is not yet ready to serve a billion users. Mangata solves this! Our vision is to build an omnichain liquidity protocol that allows you to trade all tokens from all chains. Eigenlayer will provide Mangata with the strong economic security that is needed to deliver our vision," says Peter Kris, co-founder and CEO of Mangata Finance.
We solve this with 3 unique features:
  • No Gas Economy with Gas-free Swaps. There are no gas fees for transactions. You only pay a 0.3% exchange commission.
  • Prevent Front-Running and MEV with Themis protocol: On other DEXes bots and nodes are stealing value from traders. This is commonplace in Ethereum. On Mangata, it is prevented on the consensus level.
  • Stake once, earn twice with Proof-of-Liquidity: On Mangata, you don't have to choose between staking and liquidity provision. Instead, on Mangata you stake LP tokens and let your capital generate trading fees in the meantime.
To dive deeper into the DEX mechanics, proceed to the Mangata Litepaper.
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