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Mangata is a multi-rollup interchain infrastructure that allows you to trade any token, from any chain. Our goal is to build the world's first true interchain trading app. Trade with the simplicity of a CEX, and the Security of a DEX.
How does the Multi-Rollup work? Imagine a ZK-rollup that connects all ecosystems and allows you to natively swap tokens with L1-grade security without the need to bridge and wrap assets.
Read more about the architecture in this article.

About the DEX

Mangata is an easy & secure community-driven DEX that is cheaper and more fair for everyone. We can do this because we are building Mangata as a parachain on Polkadot. Building our own blockchain means that we can change the consensus rules to be optimized for a DEX.
Watch our "Intro to Mangata" video with our co-founder Peter Kris here:
We believe the long-term success of a DEX is determined by becoming the most capital-efficient DEX. The Way to get there is by creating a fair DEX that levels the playing field for everyone.
We want to solve this with 3 unique features:
  • No Gas Economy with Gas-free SwapsThere are no gas fees for transactions. You only pay a 0.3% exchange commission.
  • Prevent Front-Running and MEV with Themis protocol: On other DEXes bots and nodes are stealing value from traders. This is commonplace in Ethereum. On Mangata, it is prevented on the consensus level.
  • Stake once, earn twice with Proof-of-Liquidity: On Mangata, you don't have to choose between staking and liquidity provision. Instead, on Mangata you stake LP tokens and let your capital generate trading fees in the meantime.
To dive deeper into the DEX mechanics, proceed to the Mangata Litepaper.
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